Magazine Production Spring 2020: Who We Are

PULSE Magazine is entirely produced by journalists at Hofstra University’s Lawrence Herbert School of Communication.

This issue of PULSE Magazine is about everything water. How it impacts our environment, how humans can harm it, pollution, water safety, and more!

Letter From The Editor-In-Chief:

Meghan Gioia

Dear Readers,

This Spring 2020 issue of Pulse Magazine has been an absolute honor to be a part of. It is no easy task to create a publication of this length from scratch, especially from our homes during the Coronavirus pandemic.  

The theme of this issue, Water, is one that I hold very close to my heart. As a native Long Islander, I am truly passionate about these local stories. From water pollution and safety, to coastal erosion and climate change initiatives, this issue informs of the very real problems that will inevitably lead to the destruction of our beautiful home as well as the many efforts we can make to combat such problems. 

I proudly present to you from Hofstra University’s Lawrence Herbert School of Communication, the Spring 2020 issue of Pulse Magazine: Water. 

Thank you,

Meghan Gioia

The PULSE Staff’s Mission Is To…

“…to educate everyone on the importance of keeping our environment clean for us as well as the  generations to come.”

Gulay Gencturk

“…inform and educate our readers about how water is an important part of our lives and how vital it is to keep our waters clean and the impact that it can have if we do not.”

Lauren Brill

“…create awareness and educates people about environmental issues that affect Long Island.”

Amanda Geffner

“…promote the conservation and preservation of our most vital resource that humanity has tainted through carelessness.”

Alex Whitbeck

“…show just how different our lives would be if we ignored the problems facing earths most unique natural resource.”

Leo Brine

“…reiterate to our readers that without water there is no life and we need to ensure the quality of water for ourselves and future generations”

Mallory Wilson

“…show that despite the circumstances of COVID-19, we can come together (remotely) and make this issue happen.”

Jenni Goldstein

“…inform people about the dangers of water and that learning to swim and knowing water safety are valuable everyday life skills to have. “

Melissa Berman

“…not only inform our readers about our harmful impact and its disastrous results on the environment, but inspire them to safeguard this integral natural resource and the various types of vegetation and wildlife that call it home.”

Meghan Gioia